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Holistic Vision Eye Doctor in Philadelphia, PA
Dr. Robin Sapossnek, FCOVD
Board Certified in Vision Therapy and Visual Rehabilitation
Developmental/Behavioral Optometrist
930 Henrietta Avenue
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006
Tel: (215) 663-5933 EMAIL
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Success Stories

Patients of all ages and diagnoses have completed our program and have seen great success. We hope the following will offer you a parent and patient perspective on Vision Therapy and aid you in your decision.

If there are patients you'd like to get in contact with to discuss therapy, please let us know!

Josh, Age 7

"[Prior to Vision Therapy, Josh exhibited] poor reading, difficulty concentrating, [and] difficulty with focusing. [Since beginning Vision Therapy, I've noticed] improved reading, improved attention span, improved sports play, [and] improved ability to follow directions. I have seen dramatic improvements in my son's school performance and his ability to play sports. He is also happier and has a better disposition."

Ryan, Age 34

"Due to a condition at a young age, my stereo vision never developed properly. My left eye was dominant, and I only made limited use of the vision from my right eye. Although y depth perception was limited, I became fascinated by three-dimensional photography. I sought vision therapy to get more enjoyment of the hobby. [Beginning Vision Therapy] has helped make my eyes work together more as a team, and has made me more aware of when they are not. My depth perception has improved as a result, and I can notice this especially when looking at 3D photographs. I think I could have made even more progress if my schedule had allowed more time for the home exercises. That time at home is important to your success. I hope to have a few months of therapy as my schedule allows."

Giulian, Age 9

"Giulian displayed major frustration with himself and while he enjoyed reading, he still wanted to be read to. Although he tested above average on standardized test, he hated school and complained of not being able to construct sentences. [He said] his "brain felt blocked." This [was] Giulian's second experience with vision therapy. The first six month period was simply amazing. He went from writing several letters backwards, fearing reading, and becoming angry, to [being] way more self confident, reading above grade level, and being granted admission to the school's enrichment program. And most importantly, [Guilian] is a far happier child. His overall balance, concentration, speed of writing, mental processing, and self esteem have all greatly improved. We feel very fortunate to have found your program when we did. Thanks again and again!"

Christa, Age 9

"[Prior to Vision Therapy, Christa didn't look directly at people. Reading was also difficult. [She would] put words where they didn't exist to make the sentence make sense. [Since beginning Vision Therapy], Christa can look at people when speaking to them and has better eye movements. I think her eyes work better together - homework is easier and [she] doesn't skip words (but still skips lines). [I am] very happy with Dr. Sapossnek. She educated me about Christa's lazy eye and why it was unusual."

Brett, Age 7

"Brett's eyes always crossed and were teary. He had trouble with coordination and sports. [Since beginning Vision Therapy], there have been major improvements! He's more coordinated and his eyes don't cross - he says he doesn't see two anymore! His eyes also don't wander like they used to, and he knows when they do and how to fix it."

G.S., Age 11

"My eleven year old daughter hated to read. No reading disability was identified and she could read out loud beautifully. However, she complained of nausea and headaches whenever she read for any length of time, including when she had to read in school. My daughter's first sign of improvement was a decrease in complains of nausea and headaches when reading. But it took a while before she was willing to read without resistance. It was about four months after the completion of her vision therapy program that she started reading without trying to get out of reading. One day, she told me that she likes to read. That sounded wonderful. Now she even asks to join other family members with her book when she sees them reading. I have found her up early in the morning reading before school and camp. We appreciate the efforts by her vision therapist, Anne, to bring her to this point. Thank you!"

Colin, Age 22

"Prior to [receiving] vision therapy, I had difficulty studying for long periods of time. I would get frequent headaches and would often mix up words such as "an" and "on."

Since vision therapy, I have been able to read longer and comprehend more of what I read. The therapists were so much fun to work with."

Tamara, Age 11

"My daughter Tamara has, since two and a half years old, been wearing glasses due to a lazy eye condition. She's had continuous eye examinations and the doctors have indicated due to her diligence in wearing the eye glasses, her condition had greatly improved. [One year], the doctor noticed that her eye wandered even with the glasses. Tamara also began experiencing daily headaches and became tired early in the evening when reading, which happens to be one of her most favorite things to do. The doctors suggested Tamara keep wearing the eye glasses but did not recommend that we seek any additional help. As parents, we thought we were doing the best that we could for Tamara. However, Tamara began experiencing other symptoms which we didn't initially attribute to her eye condition."

"It was only through the sessions with Dr. Robin Sapossnek that it was realized that Tamara not only had a lazy eye, but was seeing double. She didn't mention this because she thought this was normal. We as parents didn't question this, other than to realize that as an ardent reader and student, she was becoming less enthusiastic about her school work. This was truly not our daughter. Tamara has flourished since vision therapy. The exercises and teaching began. Tamara started experiencing days and weeks without headaches, and started to read daily in the evenings as she once enjoyed. This was not only encouraging but made us very aware of what vision therapy can and does accomplish. Tamara's vision in both eyes is 20/20 and she no longer needs the bifocals. She is flourishing in school and has improved in other areas we didn't realize affected her. She's become an outstanding soccer player and student. And she loves to read again!"

"I highly recommend and will recommend vision therapy to those who seek it. It has proved out daughter with a new outlook on life. We as parents cannot thank Dr. Robin Sapossnek enough and her entire staff for the work that they lovingly give to all their patients. They truly are an outstanding staff and we ultimately felt like a family, not just patients."

Andrew, Age 9

"Andrew was having a lot of trouble with reading. He couldn't keep his p lace and it would frustrate him so much that he didn't want to read anymore. He also struggled with math because of his perceptual issues.

[Since beginning therapy], Andrew has started reading again. He also started doing his homework more independently. He also got better with his math and received better grade and didn't need math support in class.

The doctor and her staff are very caring and held our hands through the entire 7 months we attended the program. They are passionate about their work and it shows through Andrew's success!"

Amanda, Age 10

"Amanda was diagnosed with convergence insufficiency and had double vision. She had trouble with reading (reading 2 grade levels below), math drills, and maintaining attention during class and other activities.

She has gone up 2 grade levels since vision therapy. She has been reading much more fluently and doesn't get as frustrated.

Everyone was wonderful with Amanda. The therapists were very friendly and encouraging. She loved coming every week and she did her exercises at home without argument. Thank you for your support."

Kenny, Age 9

"[Prior to vision therapy], Kenny had headaches, burning and watering of eyes, extreme fatigue when reading, was easily distracted, and had difficulty with reading. He skipped words, confused similar words, was unable to keep his balance or ride a bike. He also had poor penmanship and writing was difficult.

[Since beginning therapy], headaches are gone, eyes don't water or burn anymore, and we've seen dramatic improvement in reading ability. He's better able to stay focused and on track. There are also improvements in penmanship and writing skills.

Six weeks into therapy, Kenny hopped on his bike and took off after trying on and off for 3 years to learn how to ride - it was really amazing to see!"

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